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. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. ♪ >>> welcome back to "morning joe." 6:24 in the morning here in new york city. let's get a look at some of the morning papers. star leather in newark. powerball officials say one lucky winning ticket from saturday nice's 338 million dollar drawing and reportedly was sold in new jersey but so far no one has claimed the prize. the jackpot is said to be the fourth largest in powerball history and if he or she opts for the lump sum take home 230 million. >>> new jersey governor chris christie will announce state takeover of camden schools. he will appoint a leadership team with the task of turning around one of new jersey's lowest performing school districts. >> dead russian tycoon found dead. british police say evidence not killed by any
. the nuwave p.i.c. uses induction technology. the secret is an internal series of copper coils. these coils generate a magnetic field within your metal pots and pans. the magnetic field causes invisible molecules to begin vibrating rapidly, creating heat, so the cookware itself heats the food. >> one of my passions are butter sauces. and one of the challenges of cooking a butter sauce is that if you get it too hot, you know, over 135 degrees it breaks down. if you get it too cool it congeals. the beauty of the nuwave p.i.c. is that i can control the temperature exactly and keep the sauce for an extended period of time. that's such an added bonus for a professional cook and a home cook. >> let me show you this unusual pan. bob, what did we do here? >> well, we actually cut a pan and cut a section out, because in here you can see we have cereal rapidly boiling, right? >> boiling away. >> i can put my hand right there. >> it's amazing. move your hand. i'm going to put an ice cube right there. it's not melting. >> because all of the energy is going into cooking your food. there's nothing wasted
the cyclicals, you've dope this for a long time, industrials, technology. that kind of your 2013 strategy? >> yeah, i would say that one of the surprises at least for me has been how well the defensive names have done in the uptake we've seen since the first of the year, and the cyclicals have lagged somewhat. i would be doing some rotating, believing the u.s. and global economy are going to be okay, i think some industrial and technology names make some sense. cheryl: all right. what are you avoiding right now? >> utilities still make me nestles. i think the fundamentals are mixed, and the stocks are fairly expensive. it was the place so many people went chasing yield and pushed the price of those stocks up quite a bit. so there's some telecommunications names that are okay, but most of the plain vanilla electric utilities, i think, are fully valued. cheryl: you've got some specific stock picks, and you like a few names, medtronic, that's interesting, mdt, pfizer, v.a.ler rah, northrup grumman. defense, interesting. but pfizer, health care. >> yeah. i think health care among the defensiv
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start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. connell: making money with charles payne at this hour of the day. dagen: looking at computer storage data management company, net app. what do you think? >> you know, the technology stocks have been somewhat watching this whole thing, so i'm trying to find some of the tech names that look like they've got good risk-reward ratios. i like this a lot. string of earnings beats, they do good there. fiscal year 13-14, the streaks setting up their consensus a little bit, barclay's positive on it, and this morning i heard positive from pacific crest. the cloud, virtualization, enterprise, all of that stuff, a name around a long time. technically a major breakout, $36.60. i like it short term and long term. i think technology might get traction here, esp
technology. we keep seeing that, although, look, maybe micron and the g-rams were good last week and someone makes that case. >> what happens is once somebody wins the bid what happens after that? how much of an ability will they have to leave the company to spend money with a deteriorating balance sheet and your hands are tied there. >> do people just need to put money to work and this company's for sale? >> michael dell has done a pretty terrific job of trying to turn around the company that is frankly, in the end, stuck with a business model that involves the personal computer at the heart of it. >> apollo is a huge gainer and we don't talk about it often unless herb's on the case and they did have 34 cents a share and the journal saying there appeared to be some positive thing goings around this much-maligned name. >> this was selling at two times ebitda. >> this was -- a lot of the smarter hedge funds that i do speak to were telling me you have to get bullish. are you kidding me? until i see the university of phoenix in the final four it ain't happening. >> the florida gulf coast would
security for israel get more difficult with new technologies. and the logistics are creating a continuous and functioning palestinian state become more difficult with settlements. so both sides have to begin to think about their long term streeng interests, instead of worrying about can i gain a short term tactical advantage here or there? and say to themselves, what is the big picture and how do we get this done? that's ultimately what i believe both people want. i think it was very interesting that my speech in jerusalem, some of the strongest applause came when i addressed the israeli people and i said, you have to think about these palestinian children like your own children. it tapped into something that they understood inherently. that gives me hope. that shows possibility there but it's hard. what i also said was that ultimately, people have to help provide the structures for leaders to take some very difficult risks. that's why i wanted to speak directly to the israeli people and to the palestinian people, so that they help empower their leadership to make some very difficult deci
. ♪ 'cause germs don't stick on me ♪ [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand. use with neosporin first aid antibiotic. >>> bottom of the hour. time for the headlines now. a small town in georgia dealing with major crime and tremendous tragedy. 13-month-old baby is shot dead in a stroller. the baby's mother watched it happen and two teenage boys are now charged with murder. the grief-stricken mother spoke to cnn today. >> said i hate you and i don't forgive you, and that you killed an innocent human life and that i hope you die for it. >> alabama bracing for some potentially rough weather tonight. morning rain caused some minor flooding in birmingham, but wind and hail could cause problems tonight. meteorologists with our affiliate in birmingham say an isolated tornado is likely but also possible. >>> president obama is on his way home after a very busy trip to the middle east. the president played tourist today ending his visit to jordan with a wal
provide marriage of high technology with personalized customer service. we treat our customers like people, like people want to be treated and find that from the large banks so people are moving in droves from the large banks to simple. >> are you basically an app technology working on the banking industry, you're not fdic insured? >> we're not holding the deposits ourselves, going out to partners fully insured and we ripped out the technology and replaced it with realtime very information rich. we want to give our customers a sense of control about their finances and couple that with ah system personalized customer service. >> the way you make money is split the net interest margin with the banks who hold the money. why is there a waiting list? why aren't you funling that money to the banks craves deposits and make half of that money on the nim? >> we're a start-up started launching seven months ago. we need a whole customer relations team. we're hiring quickly now and will get through that list quickly. >> interesting story. sorry such a short time. john, the co-founder and ceo of simple
, the start-ups, the technology, all the things that makes israel so vibrant. >> which he in fact saw firsthand with the prime minister today. at the high-tech display, he was fascinated by that. his commitment to iran, however. are you now on the same timeline? there was some confusion after the news conference last night as to whether, when the prime minister said he accepts the timeline of a year to weaponize, but he still has to have concerns, as do all israelis, about the enrichment process, which continues unabated. >> i think we are very, very close, washington and jerusalem how we see iran. the differences are minute. we are the little bit much more anxious, which is perfectly understandable. the most important thing for us is we've got to stop the enrichment program there in iran. because enrichment is the fuel for a nuclear weapon. and we've got to make sure that the iranians don't continue on enriching uranium. >> the prime minister has said that diplomacy and sanctions have not worked to stop the enrichment, to stop the process. has the president persuaded the prime minist
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and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >>> the "news nation" is following the republican party's brand new game plan. the party chairman reince priebus unveiling a 100-page taups that breaks down the failures of the 2012 election and the report is a harsh assessment of the challenges facing the gop. >> there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient. we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital. and our primary and debate process needed improvement. so there's no one solution. there is a long list of them. >> priebus says the republican national committee should do a few things immediately about some of the problems spelled out in the report, starting with a $10 million outreach program targeting african-american latino and younger voters, a rt shoer primary
that the man was working on deeply sensitive image technology. doug mckelway is tracking the story live from washington. what did they find here, doug? what's up? >> reporter: this guy is a chinese national workinging under contract at nasa national institutes of aerospace on deeply sensitive imaging technology. it has potentially valuable military applications. his case was brought to the tanks of authorities by a nasa whistle-blower. he was arrested by fbi agents and dulles airport charged with violating the arms ex-trort control act as he awaited a one-way flight to china. tsa officials initially detained him and asked if he was caring electronic devices. he told them he had a cell phone, memory stick and external hard drive and a new computer. however during the search other media items were located that chang did not reveal. an additional laptop, old hard drive and a sim card. congressman frank wolf fears his case may be the tip of the iceberg. >> i have seen documents other nasa contractors similarly employees chinese nationalists. this begs a question how many chinese nationalists cur
level, and i think increasingly the technology, becky, of these things, if i can call it that with the rise of special committees and the rise of separate legal advisers and a lot more scrutiny both in the press and so forth, increasingly, these processes are getting more modern and more appropriate. i don't buy the idea that any management buy out by its nature is unfair. i don't buy that. >> the reason we asked you about this and the reason you can't talk specifically about dell is because today is the last day. it can be fair and that's an interesting argument. let's get both of your decisions about what you think about cyprus. what do you think? >> on monday we'll see some additional drama. i think things are not developing smoothly over the weekend, but we will move beyond that and this situation in cyprus will be resolved. this is not going to be damaging to the eurozone. that recovery process is in gear and moving forward. >> roger? >> i largely agree. i don't think it will have medium term or long-term large effect. >> john, you wouldn't worry about positioning
sides have access to the technology at this point. >> david, she said journalists -- it depends on your definition of journalists. should that be paparazzi as well or -- >> right. >> or one of the tabloid shows. >> look, i mean, this is -- this speaks to the idea we're becoming a surveillance society. we're getting used to the idea that big brother is watching. and big brother, i think, to wendy's point, is not just the government, it is really all sorts of companies, corporations, now even journalists. i think it is frightening. i think the good news is we're becoming aware of it. how to deal with it is a big question. i'm not comfortable with the idea of corporations, private individuals, being able to surveil their neighbors, to be able to look in on what should be the notion -- that should be areas of private property. the notion of privacy right now is really seriously under attack. it brings all autopsy sort up ethical questions. >> you want to do sunning in your speedo and a drone flies by. >> when you're grown up, your parents are like, hey, listen up, kids, study hard, go to c
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health care, industrials, and technology. there we just think we have more reasonable prices, better capital deployment, a better estimate achievability. >> quickly, your favorite sector? >> sectors are technology, industrials, energy, from a thematic basis, discipline value and dividend growth. not yield, but dividend growth. >> great to see you. brian, adam, thank you. thanks for your thoughts today. we're coming back with the closing countdown. stick around. we'll find out whether the dow and s&p can remain positive or whether we have this three-day sell-off. >> then the ceo of software maker adobe systems will be with me breaking down his company's earnings, before he speaks to analysts. you're watching the "closing bell" on cnbc, first in business worldwide. investor. yeah, i'm a serious investor but i'm a busy guy. it used to be easier but now there are more choices than ever. i want to know exactly what i am investing in. i want to know exactly how much i'm paying. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose i
technology has created in lots of industries, you would expect financial services to be somewhat bigger. so i don't really know the answer to that question. i think that my predecessor, paul volcker's claim, that the only contribution to the financial industry is the automatic teller machine, might be a little exaggerated. i know that some people have that view. but, again, i don't know the answer. i think a somewhat bigger financial sector can be justified by the wider range of services and the more globalized financial and economic system that we have, but the exact number, i can't really say. >> hi, i'm jeremy. i have a follow-up question on cyprus. as a central banker, do you think it was either appropriate or fair to impose a levy on every bank deposit in cyprus, even those insured by the european union itself? thank you. >> well, i've not been involved in those conversations and i don't necessarily know of the details. so i know they're grappling with a very difficult problem. i think the issue they face is, that there's a pretty big hole, a financial hole in the sense that there is a f
technology community. they might be close but once it gets to the senate floor, if it does, everything could break down like it often does. >> turning to another issue. i need to you help me understand something that i really don't quite get. when you look at support for universal background check for gun purchases, the support for the it is near universal. you see the quinnipiac poll showing 88% prove. "washington post," 91% support closing the gun show loophole. how is it that we can be in this place where it is so popular and yet the chance of getting it actually passed is not at all certain. is it still fear of the nra? what is actually going on here? >> it depends what the nra wants to say. there are a the love senators and in house members who will be resistant to even aed monthest form of universal background checks. if the nra decides to come down pretty hard, it doesn't have much of a shot at all. the people to look at are not necessarily the democrats and republicans you would expect but the conservative democrats, the ones who are up for re-election, in 2014. we're right in that c
. >> the technology is the same with a passenger pigeon or virus. what it means is that shortly we can synthesize completely new organisms, organisms that never existed in nature. >> scientists envision a world where extinct may not always mean the end, where animals return, but it is a new realm of science where we don't have all of the answers. lisa sylvester, cnn, washington. >>> how cool is that. coming up at 7:00 tonight, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of pink introduced's "dark side of the moon." want to know how we are doing it? tune in. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer begins right now. >>> the president wraps up his middle east charm offensive. was it a bigger success than expected? and two top republicans and potential presidential rivals here in "the situation room." stand by for my interviews with senator rand paul and congressman paul ryan. >>> and when salt kills. new warnings about hidden dangers, especially for young kids. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situa
technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ >> eric: one more thing. bob, kick us off. >> bob: with all the attention about "amazing race" this is brought to me by greg gutfeld and vietnam veteran. that's how it starts. congratulations to you. >> eric: keep them coming.
with continuing education and we're going to make sure we have research technology and innovation that's going to make our next generation prepare for their intellectual move forward into the 21st century jobs. >>> now to kentucky. new reporting suggests a number of big-time democrats not particularly thrilled with the idea of ashley judd challenging mitch mccouple in that state. some party leaders, including former president bill clinton, are trying to court another candidate, another female, allison lundergan grimes. ms. judd will make her announcement later this spring, a claim she has denied. her sister said of course i'd vote for her. i don't agree with anything she says half the time. we're so different. but i love my sister. >>> president obama's initiative to reduce violence in this country has been severely weakened. democratic majority leader harry reid said a ban on assault weapons. >> right now her amendment using the most optimistic numbers has less than 40 votes. that's not 60. i have no get something on the floor so we can have votes on that issue and the other issues that i tal
-through with the israelis and a lot of interesting developments on the growing economy here, the technology sector. we will have jeff goldberg and host of "meet the press" in the united states, david gregory and "meet the press" from here, dana weiss. we have a pretty jam-packed show. >> wonderful. andrea mitchell, thanks very much. >>> the white house is work, on shifting over side of its lethal drone program from the cia to the military. according to the "the wall street journal." the move would make the controversial program subject to international law. strikes would be undertaken with the consent of host governments, while many in washington believe the program will be more effective under the cia, the proposal reflects a growing consensus it needs to be on legal, sturdier footing. yesterday the senate kicked off hearings. senators on both sides expressed concerns over privacy. some members are mulling possible federal regulations. the faa estimates 30,000 drones could be flying in the u.s. skies in the next 20 years and richard haass is shaking his head. it's impossible to consider. >> i think t
bunker buster technology they would need to severely degrade or damage the nuclear program. and it wasn't just that one remark. from the president of the united states and from the prime minister of israel heard repeated remarks about israel's right to defend itself. israel's right to act alone. the united states would not stand in their way, but of course, reinforcing the idea that the united states would act militarily if necessary, but the interesting point how, i think president obama made it, how perceptions can be different, israel can perceive a threaten more quickly, as an ext threat than we do and that the government netanyahu. >> this is what krauthammer was saying on special report. and sound bites. i think that bb kept repeating that to say that the president of the united states has given me the green light to attack if i think i have to. if i think time is running out. and he said that for an israeli is extremely precious. do you believe that's what happened between the two leaders yesterday, that president obama turned and netanyahu said, if you need to do it, do it we wo
and presidential experience, can you imagine if that technology was available at the time? because as the arab spring was unfolding in tahrir square in egypt in particular, all that twitter stuff was happening. also, during the green revolution in iran. can you imagine having to be the guy to explain to mahmoud ahmadinejad what a tweet was and how it was going to bring down the whole regime? >> bob: i think about if this was available when the chinese almost were brought to their knees, which they should have been. if the organized groups and that country had been able to tweet one another, they would have been able to have a much better organized response to the chinese government. i don't use twitter much. i was introduced to it by you. how do you get news off of it? >> dana: i'll show you. let me ask eric, you are an active tweeter. consumer of twitter. but also, something about the company. it's amazing, 11 twitter accounts are created every second. >> eric: 400 tweets i guess per day. 400 million. >> greg: no, just 400. >> eric: let me tell you something about jack dorsey, the founder of
street after oracle's a weak sales weighed down big u.s. technology firms yesterday. here's a look at clothing numbers. the dow was down 90. . the nasdaq down 32. and the s&p closed down 13 points. the watching the stock markets all morning starting at 630 with the opening bell. >> facebook has been slowly rolling out a new search motion to its 1 billion users, one that draws upon your connections to better sort of preparation, photos and likes. karen kagfuh had got answers on the social the working side about the new tool, and what it means to our privacy. >> basically what it does it take everything you could see on facebook the things you have shared, your friends have shared, that other people of this look at your community have shared it gives you it with a surge over all of that. the search is largely driven by phrases. it draws on people you know or are somehow connected to the idea is to give the recommendation more weight. >> for example this is my friend like. cafes in washington my friends visited. you will get to see who likes what. right now the function is only availa
, more of tomorrow's technology right here today, and more value. 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide ing at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. isn't your family worth america's number-one security company, adt? our girls got us thinking, but the break-in got us calling. and after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >>> remember the uproar over the poisoning of oak trees at auburn university in 2010? there's been a plea deal. harvey updike will serve at least six months in jail and five years on supervised probation. he's an alabama football fan and the trees are a part of auburn's athletic tradition. fans typically gather around them after a victory. in a few days a contentious topic will be before the u.s. supreme court. one that could set a precedent for years to come. the high court will hear arguments in separate appeals on same-sex marriage. at is
, of course, show off hot new cars and trucks from around the world and all the technology that goes in them. >>> we told you about the defensive marriage act up for debate on wednesday. thousands of couples across the country affected by the supreme court decision and cnn joe johns spoke to one of those couples. joe? >> christi, the defensive marriage act has been the law of the land since 1996. though its title may sound harmless enough, gay and lesbian americans all over the country claim the law has caused enormous damage, claiming that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. jamel thomas and corinne williams were together four years before they got married last october. don't let the wedding dresses fool you. their lives are not all saturn and pearls. >> i am a police officer here in d.c. >> which makes this couple a case study and how america's married but unequal approach to same-sex relationships can play out. >> as an airman, you get a constant reminder that you're second class. >> reporter: a federal employee, but the federal defensive marriage act bars same-sex marri
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hour. in other technology news, hewlett packard shareholders have re-elected the company's board. the chairman, ray lane and three others narrowly kept their seats. they had been criticized for their roles in the batched $ 1 billion acquisition. but, again, the board was re-elected. >>> boeing plans to conduct two flight tests of its revamped 787 battery system as soon as the end of this week. the plane has been grounded since january and, joe, i'll send it over to you for more news. >> i he like that with oracle. think if you were one of the salespeople. >> there are thousands of new people that have been coming on board. they worked getting things as quickly as the third quarter. it was interesting what the cfo said that this is a situation where they don't know to make sure that they close those deals by the end of the quarter. >> yeah. slackers or something. you know salesmen. the world resolves around salespeople. they say it's not even plaque row. usually that's wa we'll say. >> it was said there was a sense of urgency that was lacking. >> yikes. i'd hate to be one of those
development of technology to defend civilian populations against missiles and terrorism. the iran drone system is a prominent example of his cooperation, saving lives of many and ensuring the safety of citizens all over israel. for these reasons, shimon peres, president of the state of israel, will confirm barack obama, president of the united states of america, the highest civilian award of the state of israel, the presidential medal of distinction. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please, raise a glass with the presidents. >> to the united states of america and the president of the united states, a great friend of israel. >> thank you, president peveres you may now go back to your seat. just don't drink too much. now, ladies and gentlemen, i have the honor to invite our guest, the president of the united states of america, barack obama, to deliver his remarks. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you so much. president peres, prime minister netanyahu, first lady sarah, distinguished guests and friends, this is an extraordinary honor for me,
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's hospital, now entrusted its doctors to help rebuild him. >> i'm all about technology. if you want to transport lungs in a new way, let's do it. i'm all about going forward. >> rather than arriving on ice, the organ was transported in a box, kept warm, and pumping from donor to recipient. >> it makes intuitive sense that instead of putting an organ on ice, you want to keep it with the blood circulating. you want to keep it giving oxygen, you want to keep it warm. >> today, the grandfather of ten has a renewed energy that keeps him motivated. >> i feel good, you know. i used to walk around this block right here, used to take me about 40, 50 minutes to walk it. now i can walk that block in probably 15 minutes. >> perhaps mr. padilla said it best, why put an organ on ice and then wake it up when you can just keep it warm and pumping and normal and then just put it in a new body? i think he probably said it better than anyone. this is a worldwide trial and i think it's going to change transplant medicine. >> it is a sight to behold. >> i was nervous about it. i was reading the sdricrip
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science and technology is created to build and not destroy. they want to live in peace, free from terror and threats that are so often directed at the israeli people. that's the future that they deserve. that's the vision that is shared by both our nations. and that is shimon peres' life work. and michelle and i have such fond memories of your visit to the white house. last spring when i was honored to present you with america's highest civilian honor, our medal of freedom. and that medal was a tribute to your extraordinary life in which you held virtually every position in the israeli government. today was another opportunity -- from the historic changes taking place across the region to the perils of a nuclear armed iran, to the perils and peace between israelis and palestinians to the promise of our digital age. one of the advantages of talking to president peres is not only does he have astonishing vision, but he's also pretty practical-minded politician. and consistently has good advice in terms of how we can approach many of these problems. i reaffirmed to president peres as i will
the region at a time when all these other countries need technology and commerce and jobs for their young people. for palestinians to feel a sense that they, too, are masters of their own fate. for israel to feel that the possibilities of rockets raining down on their families has diminished. that kind of solution we have not yet seen. and so, what i want to do is listen. hear from prime minister netanyahu. tomorrow i will have a chance to hear from to get a sense from them, how do they see this process moving forward. what are the possibilities and what are the constraints and how account united states be helpful? and i purposefully did not want to come here and make some big announcement that might not match up with what the realities and possibilities on the ground are. i wanted to spend time listening before i talk. which my mother always taught me was a good idea. and so hopefully -- i'll consider it success if when i go back on friday, can i say to myself, i have a better understanding of what the constraints are, what the interests and various parties are, and how the united states
technological ways. if these weapons were used on a big scale of sniffing them out, if you will, and is finding out. israeli officials tell us they believe some form of chemical agent was used. the question is what's the proof. they won't tell us. that's why what the president said today is so important. he's drawn this line before. today he said it would be a game-changer if he had conclusive evidence. but he didn't say how it would change the game. holding assad and the regime accountable, going to the united nations, that's one thing. this president has been very, very, very and i could keep going with the verys, reluctant to have any u.s. military involvement here. the question is, would he feel additional pressure if there is straight-up proof the regime did this. >> he was asked about that. he is standing by what the u.s. has done thus far, president obama. >> he is standing by. he is standing by and faced a lot of criticism, as you know, anderson. after libya, with all of the other events unfolding in the arab spring, there has been this whole conversation about leading from behind. john
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are taking on other issues close to their hearts, education and technology. jack dorsey co-founder of twitter and founder of square joined zuckerberg, bill gates and a host of others in a campaign that encourages schools to teach computer coding. now, jake, the reason they're starting with immigration is because it's moving through congress right now. it's a bipartisan push. and it affects their industry. >> but, erin, i interviewed jack dorsey a couple of weeks ago. i can't tell if these guys are liberal, if they're conservative. you see zuckerberg doing something for obama, something for republican governor christie. where are they in their politics >> from what -- from the people i've talked to, i don't think that they even know. and a lot of the republican organizers of this very thing are saying that a lot of these multimillionaire, mounta multibillionaire techies are just learning how government affects their industries for good and bad. some of them think the obama administration does stifle business growth. so they want to get involved. >> erin, thank you. >>> our sports lead. if you
. 18 of the top five ceos are a technology based organizations, including sap bill mcdermott and jim organizations, including sap b[ male announcer ]jim you think you know me. i'm just warm weather and beaches. but i'm so much more. i'm movie sets and studio tours. i'm family, museums, and world-class art. and that's the point. you'll see things here that you never expected. ♪ only be warned: there's so much to take in... it could leave your head spinning. los angeles. endlessly entertaining. plan your getaway at >>8:28 . beautiful live shot around san francisco. we see pretty much clear skies rid what are we in for this week. some changes? absolutely darya. we will need our rain gear. wet weather on tap for wednesday possibly tuesday night. most of us will be sleeping. as of now temperatures sitting in the '40's and low 50s. into the afternoon we're talking '60s possibly low seventies. a full of the forecast coming up in just a bit. >> in the meantime taking it to the traffic desk. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. modest weight. hard
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